this is simply amazing… i can’t take my eyes off him

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scientists have discovered that


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community network meme: july 2012

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good advice from that lavatory

For some odd reasons there are just bathrooms at school I avoid. I can’t tell you the last time I stepped foot in this particular bathroom and after the last time I used a bathroom at school, I was turned off peeing anywhere in this school.

Anyway there was an Arts Festival tonight and I had no choice but to use this bathroom. This is what I saw on the mirror when I walked in and I have to share it. I will post photos from the festival at a later date.

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just disgusted

Well ladies and gentlemen. Who am I kidding, I have no readers, hahahahahahha! On a serious note, I’m at home because my period is reeking all kinds of havoc on my body.

I’ve been curled up in a ball since about 9:30 last night. The cramps are unbearable at times. Like giving birth did I hear someone say?

My period is not even the reason for this post. Posts? Yes, I know I owe a weeks worth of posts on my spring vacation but I have not finished writing them. I’m so busy trying to get some things finished at school. The Arts Festival is this weekend and I have been looking forward to that. School is finished in early June and well, let’s just say I’ve been busy.

The reason for this post. The reason for my disgust is what I found on the floor in the bathroom yesterday. At first I was just disgusted and simply went into the next stall but what I found in the next stall was equally disturbing. Girls are so disgusting.

I hope nobody was eating their lunch. I was taking these photos with my cell phone and another girl walked into the bathroom. I guess she was just as disgusted as me but she must have thought I was weird for taking photos!

I promise I will post about Spring Break as well as this Friday’s Arts Festival.

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spring break has sprung!

I just had an overwhelming desire to shout it from sea to shining sea! I have so much planned for this break and it all starts today. Yesterday school was done at noon. A few of us went for pizza then saw Hunger Games. I really enjoyed it and I might go see it again.

That is it for now. Lots of work to be done. I’m gonna blog hop for a spell and then organize my recipes and prepare a list. It looks like Giant has the best prices around and a good organic section. Later people.

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time management

I am inĀ  strange place. When I feel like blogging, I am unable to and when I am able to blog, I don’t feel like it. What’s a girl to do? I want to blog cause it’s one of the only outlets I have for time to myself. I just need to find a regular schedule and stick to it.

How do other bloggers proceed?

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